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Upcoming events and updates!

At our Peer Support Group yesterday we discussed events that we’d be
interested in hosting. The top four that people seemed to want to work
towards were:
1) another coping skills workshop
2) creative writing workshop
3) movie screening and discussion following
4) art night

We thought it would be good to focus on a few of these, and as the
holiday season is hectic for many of us, we liked the idea of having
events over the next month that don’t require a lot of planning. So,
those who attended the discussion thought everything but the coping
skills workshop would be easy to pull off.

————-Upcoming Events————-
Here are our upcoming events (you can also view them here:
12/11 3:00-5:00pm Creative Writing Workshop at the Black Hand
12/11 6:00-9:00pm MLP members reading at the poetry and zine reading
at the Black Hand
12/18 5:00-7:30pm Peer Support Group at the Black Hand
1/1 5:00-7:30pm Peer Support Group at the Black Hand

————-We need feedback for planning the other two
Looking at the RVA Radicalendar (http://rvaradicalendar.blogspot.com/)
it seems like there are some open times that we could schedule our
movie screening and art night where we wouldn’t be interfering with
other events. It doesn’t look like we should schedule them for
Thursday nights (Flying Brick open hours until 9pm) or Sundays (Food
Not Bombs). We usually have events on Saturdays, so it may be good to
have an event during the week sometime.

I think maybe we could do the movie screening for the third week of
December and then have the art night the first week of January. Let us
know what would be a good day/date for you. Also, if you have any
ideas for a psychology-related movie please let us know. We already
have suggestions of One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, A Beautiful Mind,
and another movie that I unfortunately didn’t write down, so if you
were at the meeting please let me know what the other movie was.

————-Movie screening location?————-
I’ve spoken to a few people in MLP and think that it may be a good
idea to branch out and have some of our events at venues other than
the Black hand. We’re very happy to host MLP, but we want to make sure
that the Black Hand is inherently separate from MLP and vice versa.
MLP is not the Black Hand and the Black Hand is not MLP

Forward your venue ideas! I was thinking of asking people at the
Flying Brick about hosting our movie night. Thoughts?



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