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Feb. 19th: Radical Mental Health Speak Out Event

Radical Mental Health Speak Out Benefit Dinner w/tons of local artists!

Speak Out

Where: The Flying Brick Library, 506 S. Pine St.
When: 2/19 6-9pm

Everyone knows at least one person that experiences what society deems a “mental illness.” We want to break the stigma that comes with viewing and experiencing life differently from the supposed norm. We have gifts to share, to cultivate, to embrace.

Come join Richmond’s Icarus Project chapter, Mind(ful) Liberation Project, in celebrating our psychological diversity and speaking out about our experiences existing in this institutionalized society of psychiatry and psychology. In a world gone mad, no one is alone.

Dinner will start at 6pm and the event will start at 7pm. There will be vegan, vegetarian, and meat dishes available (all labeled!). The suggestion donation price for dinner is $8. Donations will go towards Mind(ful) Liberation Project future events and defraying the cost of printing fliers and our Coping Skills and Speak Out zines. We will also have a raffle for mental health and psychology-related books donated from Chop Suey Books! Raffle tickets will go for $1 each.

Local artists include:
Acoustic performances by Alison Self, Herschel Stratego, Jean-Baptiste & Black Liquid.
Readings by Ellen Crawford, Annie Johnson, Stacey Randolph, Megan Osborn & Kayce Johnson.
Visual art by Courtney Ford, Mark Delboy, Megan Osborn & Ken Jorgenson.

Please contact Megan at (804) 334-2203 or MLP at mindfulliberationproject@gmail.com if you wish to cook food, read poetry, short stories, nonfiction, play some acoustic songs (other possible artists TBA), showcase your artwork, or speak out about your experiences.


**This is an all ages, sober event, so bring your family, young and old, but please no drugs or alcohol!**



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