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Police watch suicidal man for an hour, did nothing while he drowned….?!?!?!?!?!

“In Alameda, California a suicidal man succeeded in drowning himself on Crown Beach when police officers didn’t do anything to go out in the water and rescue him.

They received a call earlier that day from a woman that said her son was going to kill himself that day.

They came to the scene but just stood there along with firemen and onlookers that were also present.

A witness said that the man stood with his head above the water and looking at the crew for about an hour, but no one even reacted, which she thought was weird, because there were plenty of time to do something about it.

They claim that they did not have proper certifications to get out legally and rescue the man.”

Police watched a suicidal man for an hour, and did nothing while he drowned…??!?!?!?!?!?!?! If this man did not want to be saved from himself and his suicidality, he would not have stood there for an entire hour looking at the crew on the edge of the water. He wanted help, but when he realized that even those meant to protect him wouldn’t protect him from himself, I’m sure he felt there was no point. I can’t imagine how alone and helpless he felt…

If you become a cop because you want to help people, fuck protocol in this instance. Seriously. Or call around frantically to someone who has lifeguard certification. Being a law enforcement officer, you have a high probability of knowing someone with said certification. Use your connections for good.

If I were a cop (which I wouldn’t be, but if I were) I would risk being reprimanded by the higher ups in order to save a suicidal person from hurting themself. You wouldn’t lose your job for saving someone from suicide. Take the risk. Don’t just stand there.

So irate…



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