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The Commonwealth Times Interviews MLP at the Zine Fest

The Commonwealth Times, Virginia Commonwealth University’s paper, interviewed Mind(ful) Liberation Project member Megan at the Richmond Zine Fest this past Saturday.

What’s in a zine?

For Megan Osborn, a junior statistics major at VCU, it’s a chance to fight the stereotypes associated with mental illness.

A member of The Icarus Project, Osborn represented the grassroots mental health organization at the Richmond Zine Fest this past Saturday at the Gay Community Center of Richmond.

The group has produced numerous zines aimed at destigmatizing mental illness, including “Friends Make the Best Medicine,” a do-it-yourself guide to creating mental health support groups within a community.

“We’re just trying to get the word out that people with mental health difficulties are not odd; they’re not weird; they’re not scary; they’re people like you and me,” Osborn said.

The Icarus Project was one of the more than 40 tablers at the fifth-annual festival. Zine-makers, traders and fanatics from New York City, Philadelphia and Portland, Ore. made the trip to display their self-published work.

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