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New Peer Support Dates at Occupy Richmond

As there is a large need for peer support at Occupy Richmond, we will be holding our weekly peer support groups in Kanawa Plaza. This week’s meeting was previously scheduled for Saturday, but due to schedule conflicts, it has been moved to Sunday. Our next two peer support meetings are Sunday Oct. 23rd and Tuesday Oct. 25th. During the length of the occupation we may hold peer support groups more regularly than once a week. This is currently undecided, so stay tuned.

Coping in Stressful Times

In solidarity with Safer Spaces, Mind(ful) Liberation Project will be facilitating open and non-hierarchical gatherings for support during these trying times of occupation and resistance.

Come join us in breaking through the walls that our society has built around each of us. Come make a connection with each other and build a community of solidarity that this movement is all about. There is no harm in seeking support from the community: it shows courage to ask for it, not weakness.

Sunday October 23 &
Tuesday October 25
At Occupy Richmond

↓ Look for the Icarus Project banner! ↓

**This will be a safe listening space for anyone who attends, no matter their backgrounds or their current struggles. We merely ask that people are respectful of others while also maintaining confidentiality.**

For more information, contact Megan at (804) 888-1709 or the group at mindfulliberationproject@gmail.com https://mindfulliberation.wordpress.com



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