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Oh Hey, We’re A Year Old!

This month is our one year anniversary!

Mind(ful) Liberation Project turned 1 year old at the beginning of this month. We have accomplished a lot over the past year and we’ve had a lot of fun doing it, too!

We’ve had lots of interest, organizing, and planning meetings (of course); tons of peer support groups; and lots of awareness-raising, fundraising, and social events. We went from initially having biweekly peer support groups to now having them weekly!

Here are some highlights of the other events that we’ve had:

  • Sept. 11th Propaganda, Psychology & Objectivity Workshop (when MLP was in the planning stages)
  • Oct. 22nd Coping Skills Workshop
  • Dec. 11th Creative Writing Workshop
  • Dec. 11th Poetry and Zine Reading with Julia Cohen, Lily Brown, LIPS, and others!
  • Dec. 14th Radical Mental Health Movie Screening and Discussion
  • Dec. 30th Art Night
  • Jan. 6th Game Night
  • Feb. 19th Radical Mental Health Speak Out Event
  • Oct. 8th Richmond Zine Fest tabling

We’ve also brought peer support to Occupy Richmond as of October 23rd. Our members will be teaching Safer Spaces peer support facilitation skills so that the support can spread!

Our members have collaborated/started a ton of other projects too, such as psychOUT, the RVA Peer Support Crisis Line, RVA Peer Support, national Icarus Project organizing, releasing personal publications (zines and a book), multiple art shows/installations, finishing and printing the 2nd edition of the Coping Skills zine, Occupy Mental Health (an Icarus-inspired booklet for the Occupy Together movement), and even being inspired to start their own Icarus Project group in their hometown (we miss you Staunton folks!!!). A big thank you goes out to all the folks that have shown their support over the past year, and thank you to The Flying Brick Library, The Black Hand (so sad to see you all go), and The Gay Community Center of Richmond for hosting us and our events.

We have big dreams for the next year. We’ll be happy if we achieve just a fraction of what our creative minds can think up. We are the new “normal.” Let’s break the stigma, one event at a time. Feeling is not an “illness”!

See you in the streets!

To ensure that we are able to spread the word far and wide we need your help! Your contributions keep us up and running. Any and all amounts help!



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