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Suicidal Lesbian Vet Seeks Help, Gets Jesus Instead

A nurse at the Veteren’s Administration told Esther to ask Jesus back into her life (although she had been baptized twice already) and also added on: When I started practicing medicine there was actually a diagnosis for homosexuality, but they’ve gotten rid of that now, since Obama.”

Esther is a Marine veteran, wounded in service to her country and Honorably Discharged from the Marines as a result. She walked into a mental health clinic at the Dallas VA Medical Center on October 12, 2011 and was seen by a nurse practitioner named Lincy T. Pandithurai. Nurse Pandithurai subjected Esther to a vitriolic, hateful rant that lasted THREE hours (you read that right!) on the topic of Esther’s sexual orientation. Ms. Pandithurai told Esther that the only reason she’s depressed is because she’s gay.

When Esther broke into tears, Ms. Pandithurai announced that her tears were clearly a manifestation of guilt over her sexual orientation (rather than distress at being abused while seeking help).

Sign this petition asking Pandithurai’s bosses to fire her to prevent her from harassing other people coming to seek help, not abuse.



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