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Occupy Richmond Was Raided, But We’re Still Here For Support!

In solidarity with Occupy Richmond, Mind(ful) Liberation Project is having our weekly peer support meeting tomorrow at the VCU compass in Shafer Court! Look for the Peer Support sign! We will meet at the compass and then relocate to a less public space in order to keep a level of confidentiality for those who attend.

Come on out from 5-7:30pm. You need not be a VCU student or a regular MLP peer support attendee to attend. Our groups are open to anyone and everyone.

Any questions, please feel free to call (804) 888-1709.

Maps of VCU Compass are below. The compass is pretty easy to find. It is between VCU’s Hibbs Hall and Shafer. If you are not familiar with VCU campus, it is near the turn in Cathedral Place (looks like it comes to a dead end there, but it doesn’t!). It is located at the intersection of Park Avenue and Shafer Street. If you get lost or come late, do not hesitate to call! (804) 888-1709.



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