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Psychology Today: “Can Our Medical Model of Care Be Remade?”

The Foundation for Excellence in Mental Health Care receives a $2 million donation to benefit a research initiative to find the best approaches to helping people recover from their mental health challenges while also helping them to decrease their long-term reliance on psychotropic medications.

Our overuse of medication in this country has not been successful in producing better, long-term mental health outcomes. As the Foundation forms the ‘New Mainstream’ they seek to discover the optimal balance between medication use and the use of non-medication approaches, the combination of which will foster long-term, improved recovery outcomes.

In addition to supporting the development of a ‘New Mainstream’ this generous donation from Don and Lisbeth Cooper will help the Foundation in building a staff infrastructure. To date, all efforts of the Foundation have been through volunteers.

Read more here.

Perhaps one day Mind(ful) Liberation Project can be the receiver of a sizeable donation. We operate entirely on donations and the love of our volunteers and members. We hope to spread our reach to all of Richmond, but we can only do that with the help of others!



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