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Scheduling Our Next Organizing Meeting

Some of us have been involved a lot recently with the Differently-Able Caucus for Occupy Richmond. The Caucus had an awesome workshop this past Saturday, and MLP had a great presence there. The Caucus is planning for a rally in January addressing ableism, both physical and psychological/mental, and they would like for us to get involved.

We’ve also been spreading the word about MLP through some pretty great word of mouth. What else have we accomplished recently? Let’s get together to share our ideas for where we’re headed! (you all may already know about all these, but it’s fun to think back on them all at once)—

We have peer support t-shirts now ready and for sale,
We are going to be on the front page of the Icarus Project site and have a significant update in the year-end newsletter,
Our Coping Skills zine is now being distro’d by Something Something Press,
We are connecting with other distros-including Microcosm,
The zine will be up on the Icarus Project website soon as an ‘official’ Icarus Project publication,
Our RVA Peer Support Crisis Line is being used!!!,
And we also now have a small, yet awesome, radical mental health lending library.

—Given all these exciting things, we should talk about the direction we’re heading in and what we’d like to see ourselves doing over the next year. We have a lot of awesome ideas, and we hope this next year can be a year of collaboration and growth.

The holidays are coming up soon, so people’s availabilities may be all over the place. So, we have chosen the Doodle scheduler to help us out so that we can find a time that’s best for everyone. You can access the Doodle here.

If you would like more information, talk about your availability, or would like to bounce your ideas for MLP off someone else before our next meeting, feel free to contact us at mindfulliberationproject@gmail.com or call Megan at (804) 888-1709.



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