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Richmond Community Mental Wellness Meeting: Sunday 3/18, 7-9pm

Interested in getting involved in mental health activism in Richmond? Here’s your chance!

We’ll be gathering to talk about what we’d like to see happen in our community in regard to mental health activism and self care in the community.

This is the first meeting to talk about community mental health activism in Richmond that is not hosted by only one group or organization!

This is for everyone–new and seasoned activists, new and seasoned folks to radical mental health, and folks that are interested in learning more.

All ages, sober event.

Feel free to bring food or help us turn this into a potluck!

When: Sunday 3/18, 7 – 9PM

Location: The Possible, RVA


3/14 Update: The date for the first meeting has been decided for this Sunday, 3/18 7-9PM. This seems to be what works out best for everyone that has given us their availabilities.

3/11 comment on who is hosting the event: We are putting our egos aside and organizing around issues that matter, not around groups and names. People can get behind an issue, but if one group is hosting, people are often like “Well, I’m not a part of that group and I don’t really know what they’re all about, so I don’t know if I want to get involved.”

So we’re making this a community issue, because the ultimate goal, at least in my eyes, would be for everyone to be able to incorporate these issues into their organizing! -MO



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