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Occupy the American Psychiatric Association on May 5th, Philadelphia

On May 5, 2012,  MindFreedom International is holding its Occupy the American Psychiatric Association protest at the APA’s annual convention in Philadelphia.  Momentum is building for the protest and it presents a special opportunity to literally walk the talk by peacefully marching on the American Psychiatric Association.

Mind(ful) Liberation Project would like to carpool from Richmond, so if there are folks in the area that would like to ride up and contribute funds for gas we can carpool! More info as the date draws near. Contact us if you would like to get in on the carpool action: mindfulliberationproject@gmail.com or 804.888.1709 or RSVP on Facebook. We will be leaving Richmond at 5am. Stay tuned for a specific meeting place.

There are many reasons why people might join the Occupy the APA Protest May 5th in Philadelphia.  One is the prospect of the DSM5 and labeling, generally.  Another is opposition to coercive psychiatry.  Another is the harm caused by the drugs and psychiatry’s refusal to tell the truth about them.  Another is for people in the Occupy Wall Street movement to understand how psychiatry in general, and the American Psychiatric Association in particular, is inventing diseases, etc., to sell ever more drugs, that on the whole are very harmful, with horrendous consequences for society and millions of individuals.  The horrendous psychiatric drugging of poor children in this country is a national disgrace and is another reason to protest. There are no doubt more.

The peaceful protest starts at 10:00 at the Friends Center, 1515 Cherry Street, Philadelphia.  There will be speakers and activities. A short break is planned at noon and then a peaceful march on the American Psychiatric Association, outside the convention at 12:15.  There, everyone can participate in the protest as they want with more speeches, skits, songs, performances, etc.  The protest is scheduled to end at 4:00 pm.

See more info about the event here.

**Organizers of the protest have obtained a permit. This is to be a peaceful protest and they do not expect problems. Risk level for arrest: very low/none. But please remember there is always a risk of arrest in protest and situations involving dissent. Use your best judgement when deciding to become involved in an action. If you have questions or would like more information on protesting safely, let us know!**


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