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Be Wary–The FBI is Seeking Activist “Liasons”

FBI agents said they would be “reaching out” to other activist organizations. If you are visited by the FBI, know your rights and call an attorney.

The booklet “If An Agent Knocks” is a great resource for knowing your rights when interacting with government agents. A downloadable version of it can be found here.

The following is quoted from Green is the New Red:

The FBI has a long history of using informants to surveil, harass, disrupt, and entrap political activists. As I’ve documented at length on this website, the heavy-handed tactics of the COINTELPRO era have not disappeared — they have been repackaged as counter-terrorism efforts. This may take the form of threatening activists in hopes they will become informants (as I experienced personally), or attempting to infiltrate vegan potlucks. In the case of Eric McDavid, an undercover FBI informant named “Anna” repeatedly attempted to coerce him and others into illegal activity. He refused, and yet was sentenced to nearly 20 years in prison on conspiracy charges.

So is this emphasis on “liaisons” a reflection of a kinder, gentler FBI?

Not likely.

In other words, activists should know that there is no such thing as providing the FBI with innocuous information. Drawing a distinction between a “liaison” and an “informant” is clever, but keep in mind that this is the same FBI that says undercover investigators can be prosecuted as terrorists.

This is relevant not only to animal rights, but to all social justice and activist organizations, groups, individuals, and actions. As a relevant side note, nonviolent activists are being met with charges and arrests across the country and beyond in order to stifle dissent for political reasons. Activism, which in itself is lawful via the first amendment, is slowly being termed a terrorist activity by law enforcement and government agents. So, even if you think that this article will never apply to you, think again.

The Occupy movement is now placed on a terrorist watch list. Food Not Bombs, the group that feeds the homeless and others who are hungry and need a hot meal, has also been named a terrorist organization for some years now.

Dissent and civil disobedience is now “terrorism” in America: “land of the free”.



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