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To The Color Run: Stop Stigmatizing Mental Health Concerns!

Hello Color Run folks,

As community mental health volunteers and advocates here in Richmond, we are contacting you to notify you of some offensive wording on your website. As we believe that you may not realize how these words may affect people who visit your website, we thought we could tell you.

On your About page (http://thecolorrun.com/about/) the two sentences that we are referring to are: “Maybe you have an irrational fear of color?  Either way, in our expert opinion we think you are plain LOCO if you don’t give the Color Run a shot!”

We understand that you are attempting to be quirky and light-hearted. However, phobias (e.g. irrational fears) are not humorous, and are very frightening and triggering to people who have them. Light-heartedly mentioning irrational fears may trigger one of your readers into reliving any of their phobia-related fears or fear-induced anxieties.

Also, using the word “loco” to describe the behavior or actions or thought processes of someone, even in jest, is stigmatizing and dehumanizing. Such language perpetuates an “us vs. them” mentality and putting people with differing emotional experiences into an “other” category. This is not okay. People with mental health concerns are thinking and feeling individuals. As mental health advocates that strive to destigmatize psychological differences, we ask you to please change the wording on your website and any advertising that refers to mental health concerns in jest, including but not limited to the two sentences quoted above from your website.

Thank you,

Mind(ful) Liberation Project
Richmond, VA Icarus Project
Radical Mental Health Community Support
For inquiries or more info. 804.888.1709

RVA Peer Support Crisis Line 804.631.3134



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