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Patients Harmed by Diagnosis Find Their Voices

Victims of psychiatric labeling file ethics complaints.
Published on April 28, 2012 by Paula J. Caplan, Ph.D. in Science Isn’t Golden

I have been working intensively for many months with people who have had their lives damaged — some forever — because they were given labels from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, a product whose latest edition has brought $100 million in profit for its publisher, the American Psychiatric Association, but that is not scientifically grounded, helps little, and leads to a devastating array of kinds of harm.

Yesterday and today, in what appears not to have been done before, a number of them are filing ethics complaints with the APA. Very early this morning, I filed my own complaint as an “interested party” who has for more than a quarter of a century seen from the inside the way the DSM people play fast and loose with the science yet have somehow managed to convince many professionals and much of the public that their manual is scientifically grounded, and during that time I have heard from many hundreds of people who have been seriously harmed — and not helped — in a stunning array of ways because of getting one or more DSM labels. I had personally in conversations and then in many of my writings made the powers-that-be aware of these problems, and I have been deeply troubled by both their failure to publicize the unscientific nature of their manual and their failure to take steps to gather systematically any evidence of harm and to redress past harm and prevent future harm.

Read more at the article on Psychology Today here.

In the comments section there are people telling their stories of their own experiences with harm resulting from psychiatric diagnoses. You can also become a member of the Stop Psychiatric Diagnosis Harm group on Facebook to share your own stories and see the stories of others.

If you are interested in filing a complaint for yourself, a loved one, or as a professional as an interested party who has seen the harm and/or hated the system of psychiatric diagnosis, please write to Paula Caplan through the contact form on this site at the bottom of the page.



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