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RVA: Millions (redacted) Art by Gary Llama – Art on Mental Illness in America

This month I am showing an art show, ‘millions’ (redacted) that deals with my personal experience with mental illness, both with depression in myself, and in supporting the people around me.

I had originally set out do a show on ECT (electro-convulsive therapy). VCU has a huge psychiatry and psychology program, and many of them get their coffee here, I really wanted to make these young students think twice about the ethics, and morality of this method. But after putting it together, I realized, while it may disturb the fuck out of those who are not used to it, it would also disturb the victims (patients) of this method. And as the family member of a loved one who has undergone this treatment, and the friend of a few who also have, I realize that it may offend, disturb, and reinvigorate that time in their life. So I decided to redact the piece. What is left is the masked story of dealing with mental illness. The piece stands, much like the narrative of mental illness in the general public itself, a marker of something wrong, but with little bits taken away, the personal story hidden amongst the framework of an existing world, peeking out at certain times, but never fully removed from the shadows. And its stark mark of stigma. Branded, yet not fully understood. This piece ended up being a direct interpretation of the subject of mental illness in america.

There are probably no triggers left in it. I have redacted all that were apparent to me. Except maybe it’s existence, the combined imagery may trigger someone, not sure how, but I know I can only relate through my own experience.

I hope you can find the time to check it out. And If you would like to leave your feedback on how you viewed it, what you thought it said about our world, I would welcome that. Thank you.

It is at crossroads coffee in the Fan, Richmond, VA, 26 N morris st. It wll be up all of May.

RSVP on Facebook here.



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