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“Mind Over Meds: The Psych Rights Debate”

KTUU Alaska has a series called Mind Over Meds: The Psych Rights Debate. Check out the videos below!

Mind Over Meds Part 1
Many would be surprised to learn that Jim Gottstein is a national leader in what’s known as the “psych rights” movement. Channel 2’s Rhonda McBride reports on the man and his mission in Part 1 of a special series.

Mind Over Meds Part 2
All drugs have side effects, even aspirin — but none seem to be more controversial than those used to treat “mental illness.” In Part 2 of Channel 2’s special series, reporter Rhonda McBride takes a look at why for some those drugs are a modern miracle.

Mind Over Meds Part 3
Patients with “mental illnesses” see many ways through the tunnel of despair to the light of hope. Which ones they take are at the heart of a national debate about drugs.

Mind Over Meds Part 4
Mind Over Meds Part 4 also?



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