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MLP Offers Support to Kelly Thomas’ Family

We are trying to get in direct contact with Kelly Thomas’ family. We were given an email address just now, but it is not valid or we wrote it down incorrectly. Please contact us if you have a way to get in contact with Kelly’s family. We would like to help out as best as we can from across the country. This is the letter we just attempted to send.


My name is Megan and I was the last caller just now on the Blogtalkradio show about Kelly. I am part of a mental health activist and advocacy group in Richmond, VA and we have been following the story since last year right when it happened. We have experience in community support in mental health as well as prisoner support and dealing with police. We are willing to put in a Freedom of Information Act request to gain access to training materials and manuals that Fullerton Police receive in how to handle mentally ill individuals. We believe that having this information will be key in reforming police training so that this does not happen to anyone else ever again.

To read more about Freedom of Information Act requests and an example of training materials that we received from the Richmond Police Department, visit https://mindfulliberation.wordpress.com/richmond-police-department-documents/

We would have already completed the FOIA request, but it is not free. For instance, a current request that we have outstanding with Henrico, VA Police Dept. is almost $200. Pricing will vary, and tend to cost more when the stakes are higher, such as in the case with Kelly.

We are a community activist group, and because of that we are not funded by any group, political party, or larger organization. We are all volunteers and do small fundraisers ourselves, such as having potlucks or selling zines.

Please let me know if you would be interested in this, and what we may be able to work with.

Thank you

Through searching on the Department’s website, we have come across the Fullteron Police Department Policy Manual. This may be of help to the Thomas family, but we hope to request more in depth training materials as noted above.



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