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Fullerton Police don’t write their own policies, they buy them

After finding discrepancies in the term “Mentally Disabled” in Fullerton Police Manuals, and trying to reconcile this against the California Penal Code’s use of “Mentally Disordered”, we noticed that the bottom of all of the documents had a copyright. Specifically, “Copyright 1995-2012 Lexipol, L.L.C.”

Apparently, Lexipol, LLC is a company that sells police departments pre-made manuals, that they can edit and add to. And from what we can gather, Fullerton Police are using an almost standard version of it, probably very close to the version they purchased.

The section Policy 418 is identical for three California Police Department policy manuals that we discovered utilize Lexipol manuals, minus a change of wording from “involuntary mental illness commitment” to “5150” on the San Anselmo, CA manual.

And in each of these, the policies use wording, specifically “Mentally Disabled” in conflict with what the State of California terms “Mentally Disordered”. This gap leaves a hole between those with ‘developmental disabilities’ (the only use of ‘disability’ CA Penal Code appears to use) and those who qualify for a ‘5150’, still leaving those with what CA qualifies as a “Mental Disorder,” like Kelly Thomas, from receiving de-escalation tactics per their policy manuals.

For comparison:
Fullerton’s manual (pg 263)

Banning, California’s manual (pg 285)

San Anselmo, California’s manual (pg 205)



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