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Richmond Police Department Documents

Here is a link to a PDF of various manuals, training materials, and protocols of the Richmond Police Department in “Handling Mentally Ill Persons.” You can check them out for a better understanding of what the police are and are not supposed to be doing when potentially coming in contact and dealing with confrontations with … Continue reading

Holidays Can Be Tough–And We’re Helping Each Other Through It

With the holidays in full swing, we here at Mind(ful) Liberation Project have had our fair share of holiday mishaps and disasters. Even with the best intentions, family get-togethers can be stressful, sometimes resulting in hard feelings or harsh words being said. Holidays make many of us feel alone because it is difficult for us … Continue reading

Psychology Today: “Can Our Medical Model of Care Be Remade?”

The Foundation for Excellence in Mental Health Care receives a $2 million donation to benefit a research initiative to find the best approaches to helping people recover from their mental health challenges while also helping them to decrease their long-term reliance on psychotropic medications. Our overuse of medication in this country has not been successful … Continue reading

“Mental Illness” Stigma Within the Occupy Movement

To “The Richmonder” in response to “Why Occupy Richmond Failed,” specifically the following: “[The] inability to make key decisions within a reasonable amount of time was one of the factors that would ultimately doom the group’s occupation of Kanawha Plaza. The other factor was the presence within the group of certain individuals who exhibited signs … Continue reading

Statement on Loss of Josh – #OCCUPYVermont – BURLINGTON

From Occupy Vermont: Yesterday, November 10th at 2pm, Josh, a valued member of Occupy Burlington and the houseless community, took his own life at the encampment. We want to take this moment to offer our thoughts and condolences to Josh’s family, and to the members of the Occupy community who got to know Josh over … Continue reading

Occupy Richmond Was Raided, But We’re Still Here For Support!

In solidarity with Occupy Richmond, Mind(ful) Liberation Project is having our weekly peer support meeting tomorrow at the VCU compass in Shafer Court! Look for the Peer Support sign! We will meet at the compass and then relocate to a less public space in order to keep a level of confidentiality for those who attend. … Continue reading

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