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Suicidal NJ Officer Surrenders in 10-Hour Standoff

Trigger warning for suicidal behavior, guns, police, veteran concerns, mental health, drug use Read the article from NBC Philadelphia here. A suicidal off-duty Clifton Township N.J. officer, who also happens to be a Gulf War veteran, was in a standoff with police on Sunday, saying he was “ready to die in a hail of law … Continue reading

False report from the Slidebar, an off-duty hangout for Fullerton Police, sent police to Kelly Thomas

From what we understand, the Slidebar is frequented by police officers off-duty as their hangout spot. This is relevant in that the Slidebar is right next to the bus depot, where Kelly frequently hung out (legally!). In the beginning of the video where Kelly was confronted by police, Officer Ramos stated that they had to … Continue reading

Fullerton Police don’t write their own policies, they buy them

After finding discrepancies in the term “Mentally Disabled” in Fullerton Police Manuals, and trying to reconcile this against the California Penal Code’s use of “Mentally Disordered”, we noticed that the bottom of all of the documents had a copyright. Specifically, “Copyright 1995-2012 Lexipol, L.L.C.” Apparently, Lexipol, LLC is a company that sells police departments pre-made … Continue reading

After Receiving Documents, Our Recommendations for Fullerton

Mindful Liberation Project has received the documents we requested from the Fullerton Police Department. We have been reviewing them, and I would like to go through these here today, express our concerns, and make some recommendations.

FOIA For Change/MLP Still Waiting to Hear Back on Fullerton Records Request

By now you have probably heard of the case of Kelly Thomas. If you haven’t, you should. FULLERTON, CA — On July 5, 2011, a 37 year old ‘schizophrenic’ transient man named Kelly Thomas was confronted by Fullerton police outside a bus depot. Officer Manuel Ramos sat Kelly down, threatened to “fuck [him] up” if … Continue reading

Even Science Says That Peer Support Works

Peer Support Among Persons with Severe Mental Illnesses: A Review of Evidence and Experience Larry Davidson, Chyrell Bellamy, Kimberly Guy, Rebecca Miller in World Psychiatry, June 2012 Abstract Peer support is largely considered to represent a recent advance in community mental health, introduced in the 1990s as part of the mental health service user movement. … Continue reading

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